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shipping operations(5)


1. Responsible for the operation of the overall process of cargo transportation after receiving orders, including booking cabins, inbound containers, confirmation of bills of lading, purchase of insurance, warehouse receipt entry, inspection and arrival of customs declaration, signing, etc., to deal with abnormal emergencies in the operation process;

2, check the bill of lading or shipping documents production, responsible for communication with customers, suppliers and agents.

3. Confirm whether the goods have been shipped, send forecast/issue bills of lading, confirm the situation of customs clearance, dispatch or exchange of bills of lading after arrival.

4, payment / reminder;

5, the completion of the business, statistics and analysis;

6. Follow up of container cargo and documents.

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with shipping forwarder import and export operation process, relevant working experience is preferred.

2. English level four or above;

3. College degree or above, familiar with office automation;

4, work actively and seriously, strong ability to deal with problems, have the spirit of hard work and sense of responsibility.

Corporate benefits:

1. five risks and one gold: pension, work-related injuries, unemployment, childbirth, medical insurance and housing provident fund.

2. double cease, rest according to the national statutory holidays; according to the labor law, enjoy paid annual leave.

3. after the transfer, the company provides transportation subsidies, meal supplement, holiday benefits, and a full attendance award.

4. the company regularly organizes group entertainment activities, such as staff gatherings, staff tours, etc.

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