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Shipping sales (2)

Job information

1, according to the company's sales plan, develop and maintain good reputable customers and peers.

2. Be able to independently collect goods and actively open up the market.

3, develop new customers, establish perfect customer information, and complete sales tasks;

4, according to the Department's sales target, carry out sales in a planned way.

Job requirements:

1. college degree or above, 2 years or above working experience, shipping sales experience and customer resources preferred.

2. willing to work hard and love sales positions.

3. quick response, strong presentation skills, strong communication skills and communication skills.

4. responsible and able to work under pressure.

5. team work spirit and challenge.

Humane management, often hold department dinner, entertainment and leisure activities;

Career planning: Sales Commissioner - Sales Supervisor - Sales Manager

1. Salary: basic salary + subsidy + high commission + year-end bonus.

2. Employee Welfare: Five Insurance and One Pension + Performance Incentive Bonus + Holiday Welfare + Excellent Employee Award + Excellent Employee Travel

3. Flexible benefits: paid annual leave, annual physical examination, Festival gifts, staff dinner, regular League building activities + annual meeting

4. Staff growth: internal training + internal promotion + external training + opportunity to study abroad.

High sales commission + company to provide a good freight platform + rich group building activities + good working atmosphere + broad promotion channels, welcome to join!

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