Sinhicheng International Logistics Co. Ltd.

About us

Qingdao Sinhicheng International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded on March 1, 2001, is a professional company engaged in international container and bulk cargo transportation. Our company now has a worldwide network of agents, you can provide special services, dedicated to domestic and foreign customers to provide first-class, fast and comprehensive freight services.

The company mainly deals in the import and export business of marine containers, export business, bulk cargo ships, export equipment of heavy lifting vessels, Ro-Ro vehicle transport, customs declaration, inspection, inspection, transit transport, packing and assembly, packaging and distribution, cargo insurance agency, international air import and export business, domestic and foreign Air freight, international express, door to door service, storage service and multimodal transport. We have also established stable, good and close cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign shipping companies. We have an absolute advantage in the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean and other shipping routes, especially in stone and chemical products.

Our company currently has 38 employees, with a variety of professional skills and comprehensive professional knowledge, in line with the "think of customers, urgent customer" purpose, to provide you with warm and thoughtful, fast, safe, prudent and flexible service. Customers can call us at any time to inquire about the shipment status of the goods. In Qingdao, we have close relations and good cooperation with customs, commodity inspection, maritime affairs, port administration wharf, container shipping company, bulk carrier owner, Ro-Ro shipping company, airport freight center, airlines and so on. Xinhai City in Qingdao has unique human relations and geographical advantages, strong customs declaration, inspection operation strength and on-site and documentary operation convenient conditions, will win your trust.

Company Culture

The company's service concept is pragmatic, professional, innovative and honest.

Company spirit: the company relies on efficiency, efficiency and service, and its employees depend on employees.

Company Manager: It takes 100,000 yuan to maintain a customer, 10 seconds to lose a customer - --- 10 years to find a customer!!!

The moral qualities of employees: righteousness, faith, courage, and strategy.

Righteousness: peace of mind, no shame.

Faith: faithful to oneself, trustworthy.

Courage: be courageous enough to face and bear the courage to bear.

Plan: one step ahead, one win.

Business promotion

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